Saturday, May 22, 2010

Clinic "Escorts" - Chump-ions of Choice!

I and a number of prolife activists are in front of abortuaries on a regular basis to pray and offer women real alternatives to the violence that they contemplate for themselves and their babies.  Extremely misguided individuals who consider themselves "escorts" attempt to hide the truth from the women.  Sometimes the "hiding" is quite overt.  Observe!  (Click here if you can't see embedded videos)

Pray for the conversion of these individuals.  They are obviously cooperating formally and materially with the sin of abortion.  Thus they themselves commit acts that are, objectively speaking, mortally sinful.  Their immortal souls are in grave danger.  Pray that they repent and veer off the path to damnation on which they currently exist.


  1. I think she needed for you to show her your pamphlet-size graphic pictures as she stood there, a bit of sidewalk counseling as you go through them on occasion with an abortion-minded woman, just holding them up and describing them as lovingly as you do to show her what she's defending. At worst, she'd move.

    We had such a woman get into her vehicle the other day and sob for some time - maybe she had boyfriend-loss troubles, maybe she was post-abortive, but I didn't think her vulnerable before then the way she was so happy out there.

  2. Actually, the pro-life lady in the red shirt does an excellent job of explaining things to the deathscorts - or at least she tries to, as they pretend not to hear her. This is not the first time they've tried to block the pictures. These servants of death attempt everything to block the truth. In Montgomery County, the CPC Strangulation Bill is one such attempt. On the Federal level, we see nonsense like the "fairness doctrine". And let's not forget that Elena Kagan is for muzzling free speech.


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