Monday, May 3, 2010

From The "Gay Chutzpah" Department

I just read on Lifesitenews that "bishop (?)" Gene Robinson, the open gay who is commonly held to be clergy, is trying to tell Pope Benedict XVI how to fix the clergy sex abuse crisis in the Church.  I kid you not!  Naturally Robinson declares that there is no connection between homosexuality and this plague!  Understand that?  No connection whatsoever!  Just because 90% of the cases involve the buggering of adolescent boys (as opposed to girls) doesn't mean there's one bit of homosexual impetus - that 90% is the merest of coincidences - right?

Meanwhile, traditional Anglicans, fed up with the departure from Scripture as typified by Robinson, have requested entrance into the Roman Catholic Church.  I suppose that's part of the "coincidence", too?

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