Saturday, May 1, 2010

Yoo Hoo! Oh, Nancy Pelosi! Guess What Today Is???

It's May 1st!  Today is the Feast of St Joseph the Worker!  I know you must have been so eager for this feast day to arrive, and that must have been the reason why you botched the feast days on March 19th!.  See

On one hand, I'm not surprised that you blew the feast day, since you refuse to properly represent Catholic teaching on major matters regarding life and sexual morality.  However, since you do seem to hold yourself out as some sort of expert on things Catholic, we really do think you need to exercise some more discretion.  Nancy, would you like to see how badly you blew it?  Click the little "read more" link!

But there's hope!  Nancy, we are sensitive people!  We feel the pain you cause, uh, I mean, feel.  Therefore, I humbly suggest some remedial study.  Why not go "21st century" style, with this book by Rev John Trigilio?

It's readily available on the internet (such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc).  It's actually quite readable and might save yourself from making an utter fool of yourself in the future - at least as  far as knowledge of Catholic doctrine goes!

One last thing - If you think we'll let anyone forget this, guess again!


  1. Nominal Catholics are a bigger threat to the Chruch than atheists.


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