Monday, May 17, 2010

Disruption Planned for Pentecost Sunday Masses Nationwide

"American Papist" informs us that the Rainbow Sash crowd (a CINO "gay rights" group) is planning to disrupt Masses nationwide this Pentecost Sunday, e.g., next weekend.  While they are emphasizing their intentions to strike at Cardinal George in Chicago (presumably because he's USCCB president), I've got to imagine that they won't pass up the Nation's Capital.

Ladies and gentlemen, faithful Catholics, has anyone any information regarding plans for local profanation of Holy Mass?  It may be up to us to guard the dignity of the Eucharist.  Remember the martyr St Tarcisius, who gave his life to protect the Eucharist from desecration.  Yes, Tarcisius was a lay person.  In fact, he was a 12-year old boy when he was martyred.  Therefore, let's hear no cop-out excuses that "it's the clergy's job".

St Tarcisius, pray for us!

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