Sunday, May 9, 2010

What's Up WIth Michael Steele?

The Chairman of the National Republican Party is appearing to be less and less worthy of trust.  My colleague at Threshing Grain (see right side-bar) reported on a "Catholic Democrat" conference that happened in Washington DC a few days ago.  It appears to have been sponsored by National Catholic Reporter and Trinity University; thus it's no surprise that it was nothing more than a dissenter gab-fest.  It's a pity that I learned of this just now.  Had I known soon enough, I would have called for a picket.

There was a "usual gang of suspects": Nancy Pelosi, Sr Carol Keehan, Fr Thomas Reese, etc.  What saddened me, though, is to see that Michael Steele joined these CINOs.  He's gone the way of Casey Jr and Stupak, it seems. 

The Republican Party had better take note of this, and/or Steele really should reconsider.  It seems like Steele may be going both RINO and CINO.

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