Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bad/Weak Bishops ARE To Blame For The Church's Ills

They are, after all, the shepherds to whom Christ entrusted His Church.  Michael Voris makes this plain in today's Vortex as he addresses the two Catholic meetings that took place in Detroit over this past Pentecost weekend: the American Catholic Council, full of all manners of dissidence, and the Call to Holiness Conference, attended by faithful Catholics.

As you listen to the Vortex, please note that Voris is rebuking an unnamed speaker at the Call to Holiness conference.  Why he didn't just name the names I'll never know; I for one have no use for that sort of silence as I see no real charity in that.  At any rate, what he has to say about the ultimate responsibility for the mess that is rotting through our Church is quite right.  But ladies and gentlemen of the laity, it is up to that person staring at you in the mirror to take an active role in addressing the rot so that it can be corrected.  Please don't leave it to the clergy.

Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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