Friday, June 10, 2011

Emily's List Contributer Resigns From Notre Dame Board Of Trustees

Last week the news broke that Notre Dame University appointed to its Board of Trustees Roxanne Martino, a big-time contributer to Emily's List.  Thanks to the Cardinal Newman Society and the protests of thousands of Catholics, Ms. Martino has stepped down.  She stated that her resignation was in the best interests of Notre Dame.  On that point she is correct.

Our prayers are with Ms. Martino so that she reconsiders her support for baby-murder before she faces eternal judgment.  We also pray for those at Notre Dame who had invited her to the Board in the first place.  Under no circumstances do I believe that they were unaware of her contributions to Emily's List.  Therefore, either they just don't give a hoot about the murdered babies, or they themselves are supporters of baby-murder.

Faithful Catholics, your prayers and actions do make a difference.  Ora et labora!

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