Saturday, June 4, 2011

RINO Leaders Talk Tough - To Tea-Party Activists, That Is!

Haley Barbour and Reince Priebus, RNC chair, warned conservatives not to impose "purity" tests on GOP candidates.  Barbour went so far as to say that "in politics, purity is the enemy of victory".  Says a lot about their priorities, doesn't it?  As far as they're concerned, it's all about unity, you see?

One wonders if they had this dress-down chat with those who threw Christine O'Donnell and Sharon Angle under the bus in 2008.  If the GOP had stood behind them, they might have won their seats.  One wonders if they've had this talk with Newt and Pawlenty as they glom onto the global warming hoax.  Somehow I think not.

Haley and Reince, I have a very simple response to your call to so-called "unity".  PPHHPFFTH!  Clear?  Haven't you learned yet that if you don't have principles for which you will stand and grow spines, you have no basis for unity nor victory?  Must you keep on earning the moniker "Stupid Party"?

The Tea Party ain't buying it!  We're not listening to your hollow calls for hollow unity.  Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and others have our support because they stand for real principles.  They aren't afraid to rattle cages - including yours!


  1. You're absolutely right.

    Please, Flying Spaghetti Monster, let the GOP run...
    1) Sarah Palin, whose last completed term of office was in 2002 as mayor of a town with fewer than 7000 people, and whose grasp of colonial history could be dramatically improved by a quick re-read of Longfellow;
    2) Sharon Angle, who literally runs from reporters, tells children that she knows their ethnic background better than they do, and just chickened out of running for Dean Heller's old House seat;
    3) Christine O'Donnell, who cannot demonstrate any understanding of the Constitution, but, to her credit, is not a witch;
    4) or Michele Bachmann, who thinks that the founding fathers ended slavery. You'd think she'd give credit where it's a Republican!

    If the Republican party nominates any of these people, Obama WILL win by margins that will make Reagan/Mondale look like Dewey/Truman. Priebus and Barbour know this. That's why it's their job to get Republicans elected, while only one of your four paragons of virtue has won a general state or federal election in the last four years.

    So, I implore you, work tirelessly to ensure that any one of these women gets the GOP nomination. Godless liberals everywhere are counting on you.

  2. Thomas, you're just full of delightful surprises! You're a Republican? Why else would you be playing the apologist for Barbour and Priebus?

    You seem to be disappointed when candidates don't finish their elected offices. Does that include a certain US Senator from Illinois, named HUSSEIN something-or-other, who served less than 200 days before he went to campaign across these 50 states? Or was that 57 states? He seemed to have some difficulty with that number. I must say that the circumstances of his birth were rather remarkable. In March of 2008, he informed an audience in Selma, Alabama that his parents got together as a result of the Selma March. He was born in 1961 and the march occurred in 1965. Remarkable, indeed!

    But the biggest and most serious gaffe is his utter disregard for the US Constitution. To be fair, many RINO's suffer from such ignornance as well. Hence my admonition to the GOP wonks.


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