Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Those British Bishop Meanies! Don't They Know Fish Have Feelings, Too??

Thus pouts Bruce Friedrich, a vice president for PETA (bet you couldn't guess).  In his Huffington Post article on the topic, he sniffs that the bishops should include fish in the off-limits list for Fridays.  Why?  Well it seems that fish sing, have complex social structures, use tools, etc. 

What he says is most important is that fish feel pain.  He states with great angst that fish "are hooked, suffocated, crushed, impaled, cut open, gutted, all while still conscious, and they feel every agonizing second."  Gee!  Doesn't that sound similar to what happens to human babies as they're being aborted?

In his article, he has embedded a video of what happens to various animals as they are being butchered.  Below I embed a clip from the documentary entitled "Silent Scream", narrated by the late Dr Bernard Nathanson.  Watch it  There is no denying that a tiny child is being dismembered in the most cruel manner possible.  By the way - PETA, champions of so-called "compassion", waffle when it comes to opposing this barbarity against human babies; click here to listen to them squirm when questioned about their contradictory stances.  Rather makes Friedrich's self-righteous snit to be laughable, doesn't it?  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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