Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Shame From Notre Shame

Whew!  It's a good thing that Jenkins et al got rid of their ND88 boondoggle because they managed to put their feet in it again as this National Catholic Register article details.  They recently appointed to their Board of Trustees one Roxanne Martino, a ND alumna, a reputedly accomplished businesswoman and - oh, yes! - a big-time contributer to Emily's List.  Most people who are half awake understand Emily's List to be a cabal dedicated to the election of pro-abortion Democrat women to public office.  If you're just waking up, never fear - just look at the Emily List mission statement on their webpage; they have no bones about proclaiming their "purpose", such as it is.

When the news broke and went viral, the ND officials - including Fr Jenkins - tried to tell us that Martino, who is supposed to be a smart business person, had no idea that she contributed over $25k to an outfit whose sole, plainly-stated mission, is to get pro-abortion women elected.  But it's just a teensy-weensy little goof, right?   So much for "damage control"!

I'm now waiting for Georgetown University to pull off some stupendous stupidity.  Has anyone else noticed that Georgetown and Notre Dame seem to alternate with each other in providing grandeose insult to the Faith?  It's almost like a contest between the two!

The Guardians of the Grotto and the Cardinal Newman Society both helped to break this news.  Below is the Vortex take on the matter.  Click here if you cannot see embedded video.

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