Sunday, June 12, 2011

St Rose Of Lima To Host Radical Muslim Imam In June

I first got wind of this in a blurb in my own parish bulletin.  It was entitled "Finding A Pathway to Peace: Why Christian-Muslim Relations Matter".  That was enough to raise red flags - flags that really went flying when I saw that St Rose of Lima in Gaithersburg is hosting this session.  A more detailed description of the program is on St Rose's own site.

Just who is Imam Johari Abdul Malik?  Google his name, and take a look at this.  He is the imam of Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center of Falls Church, VA.  Apparently, when he was discussing with his congregation the impact of 9-11, he took the opportunity to laud one of his congregation who was a Hamas operative who had just been arrested for videotaping the structure of Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  Another notable attendee of that mosque was Nidal Malik Hasan - the Fort Hood shooter.  Read some more about this mosque and its extremely chequered double life.  Considering the two-faced natuer of this mosque, and by extension, its leadership, look at the title of this talk that Malik is slated to give at St. Rose: "Islam: A religion of peace or of terrorism?"  The answer will probably be similarly two-faced; the attendees will be given glowing assurances that "Islam is a religion of peace", but the actions and associations of the mosque will communicate another answer altogether.

On June 13, a Muslim woman named Farhanahz Ellis, who is with the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, will speak of the basics of the Muslim faith and "women and Islam".  She herself is a convert to Islam - from Catholicism (Odd!  The St Rose blurb doesn't mention that teensy little detail!).  In other words, she's an apostate coming to talk with Catholics?  Hmmm..  I hope it's not lost on her that she is an apostate who will receive an audience from the faith from whom she "converted".   An interesting question to ask is what happens to Muslims who dare to convert to Christianity?  What would she say if confronted with some of these stories, or these

But wait!  There's more!  Apparently there was a "bonus" session this past Friday featuring none other than Cardinal McCarrick.  He spoke on "Christian-Muslim Relations".  Unfortunately, in September of 2005, His Eminence gave us a glimpse of how he prioritizes "Christian-Muslim" matters, as detailed in this blog's associate website.  Click here and read the last article at the bottom of the page.

Islam is NOT a religion of peace.  St Rose of Lima is wrong for providing a forum so that Islamic radicals can lure naive progressives into passivity and even compliance with their aim of the islamification of our culture.  The pastor and the DC chancery should be ashamed of themselves for letting this travesty occur on Catholic property.

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