Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Most Holy Redeemer In San Francisco Pulls Another Gaffe

I am linking to a video of a transvestite orgy.  That really is a man that you see performing the disgusting dance and that really is a bunch of perverts hooting and hollering and tossing him money.  Is this debacle taking place in some seedy bar in a run-down section of town?  No.

It's occurring in an auditorium of a Catholic parish - Most Holy Redeemer, in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco.  Read more about the event from California Catholic Daily.  As you read, take note of other planned sacrileges at that parish that were canceled by the archdiocese under outside pressure.  Ladies and gentlemen, that "outside pressure" came from faithful Catholics throughout the nation (and probably beyond) who rose their voices in protest.

If ever a parish needed to be suppressed and the building/grounds de-consecrated, Most Holy Redeemer would be at the top of that list.

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