Friday, June 24, 2011

"Environmental Literacy" Required To Graduate From MD High Schools

This past Tuesday, the Maryland Board of Education voted to require that each student be "environmentally literate" before they graduate from high school.   Let me translate - the progressive lemmings who control the Board of Education have dictated that all students be brain-washed into parrotting the junk science known as environmentalism.

Meanwhile, kids are graduating school without decent foundatons in real subject matter.  If I had displayed such poor language skills as do many of today's high school graduates, I would have flunked fourth grade.  Why not teach the kids to read and write a proper sentence?  How about focusing more on math, biology, physics, history (and not the politically-correct variety)?  How about a basic civics course, so that kids actually know how the government works?

By the way - John Dewey, for better or worse (and I think it's worse), is regarded as "the father of modern education".  Well, he certainly did put modern public education in an adversarial role to true education.  Google his name.  I did so and saw this.  Notice how one of the bullet points says "Regarded education in a democracy as a tool to enable the citizen to integrate his or her culture and vocation usefully."  In other words, Dewey saw education as a tool to brainwash pupils into being docile little puppets who would blindly follow the flow of "his or her culture", "culture" of course being the progressive, politically-correct gestapo known as "government" today.  Of course, Maryland is one of the leading liberal la-la lands in the USA today, thanks to the left-leaning progressives who prowl the State House and legislative buildings.  They love environmentalism, as it is a perfect vehicle by which they may encroach into our lives.  This latest move of the Board of Education stems directly from Dewey's vision of education.

I'd now like to direct your attention to an article written by Pat Buchanan, entitled "The Dumbing Down of America".  He focuses on the abysmal lack of knowledge of US history that so many students display today.  I for one think such ignorance is intended, so that students remain unaware of their national heritage; thus, they would be more likely to disregard their national past in favor of progressive machinations.

Such is the People's Republic of Maryland!


  1. True education can be found in Maryland at St. Jerome Academy, the Archdiocese of Washington's Classical school.

    See the Washington Post at .

    Also, see the video at .

    At .

  2. So, do you know something the Pope doesn't?


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