Thursday, June 9, 2011

Union Thuggery On Display

In May 2010, about 500+ union thugs stampeded all over the lawn and front porch of a banking executive in the Bethesda/Chevy Chase area of Montgomery County.  I wrote about that here; please review it.

It seems like these union thugs are not much more than organized mobs, whipped into frenzies by their progressive leaders/zoo-keepers to intimidate those deemed to be opponents - that is, those who dare to stand between them and the raw power that the unions lust after, while claiming to be for the "little guy".  One such individual that the union thugs hate is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.  In his efforts to bring Wisconsin back to fiscal and constitutional sanity, he has made moves to curb the stranglehold that unions have had over the citizens of Wisconsin.  For this he has incurred the unbridled wrath of the unions - and I do mean unbridled!  Their hatred of him knows no restraint or decency.  The Governor officiated at a Special Olympics event in Wisconsin; the thugs were there and they disrupted it to draw attention to their own sorry little selves.  Gee!  Aren't the unions and their progressive task-masters supposed to be champions of the disadvantaged?  If so, why did they treat the Special Olympic participants with such utter disdain?   Could it be that they simply decided to drop their pretenses of altruism?  Read the Specator report here.  In case you cannot see the embedded video in that report (and I strongly encourage you to watch the union antics for yourselves), you can click here.

Ah, but there's more - this time from the Left Coast!  This time we hear that a teachers' union, on May 13, staged what they call a "State of Emergency" protest.  They want more funds, you see?  And guess what?  Not only did the teachers come on a school day, but they brought their students to join in the antics.  That's right!  These children were subjected to a progressive brain-washing exercise when they should have been in school.  The union members demand funds to manipulate these children instead of teaching them things like, you know, reading, language skills, arithmetic and other mundane things.  As you read this account, please take special note of all the pictures.  They are most telling in and of themselves.  You'll see that the children - with taxpayer dollars - are being taught to become good little socialists, to "tax the rich", how "bankers should go to the gallows", "fighting vampire squids on Wall Street", ad infinitum, ad nauseum.  It's just the type of crap the National Education Association wants to cram down your children's throats.  Your tax dollars - hard(ly) at work!

Keep this (and the post immediately preceding this one) in mind as another election season draws near.

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