Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Boston Archdiocese Waffles On Rainbow Gathering

This past Sunday I reported that the rainbow "mass" scheduled to occur in a Boston church was axed by the Archdiocese of Boston chancery.  Many of us were rejoicing that at last Cardinal O'Malley had found his moral compass and his backbone.  Well, such joy is, shall we say, now tempered.

From the blog "Bryan Hehir Exposed" we learn that the pastor of St Cecelia, Fr. John Unni, from the Sunday pulpit, accused faithful Catholics of "hate".  In attendance was the auxiliary bishop, Robert Hennessey.  The bishop, by his silence, both then and afterwards, gave assent to that sorry excuse for a homily.  Read the excerpts on the blog, and pray for God's mercy upon the souls of these two ordained priests.

There is also to be a "prayer service" at the same time during which the original "mass" was scheduled, with the approval of the Boston chancery.  Mind you, these are people who aid and abet those living a gay lifestyle.  Therefore, it's appropriate to question the deity to whom they are ostensibly "praying".  If they were praying to the One, True God, He'd be telling them in no uncertain terms to repent of the lifestyle that could damn them to hell for all eternity.

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