Thursday, June 9, 2011

Democrats - The Party Of Death

If there are any lingering doubts regarding the above statement, this news should dispel them.  Representative Allyson Schwartz of PA has been slated to be the direct candidate services for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.   She'll be in charge of recruiting, vetting and funding Democrat candiates for Congressional seats.  Of course she has a 100% pro-death voting record.

She also co-founded and directed - for 13 years - an abortion mill in PA.  She facilitated and made her living from the murder of babies.  Of course this abortuary, like so many others, committed its share of other crimes: assault, battery, perforated bowels and uteri, and even coerced abortions.  I put those verbs in the past tense because the mill declared bankrupcy in 2002.

The Democratic Party is literally the Party of Baby Killers.

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