Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coming To Germantown - Summer Of Mercy 2.0

Most pro-life activists in the DC area know that Leroy Carhart has set up shop in an already-existing abortion mill in Germantown, MD.  Since December 2010, they have been engaged in efforts to end his practice of baby-murder in Maryland; see the Kick Out Carhart site for further details (also at right sidebar).

On July 30th, a nine-day effort of prayer and activism will commence to intercede for God's mercy and to raise awareness of the local community regarding the murders being perpetrated in their midst.  It is called Summer of Mercy 2.0, and is a joint effort of the Christian Defense Coalition, Operation Rescue and Maryland Coalition for Life.  It will commence with a 7:00PM prayer rally at Covenant Life Church, located at 7501 Muncaster Mill Road in Gaithersburg.  Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life will be the main speaker.

See the Summer of Mercy calendar for additional event details.  Please come for as much as your schedule permits.  Remember - our physical presence at these places of death is just as necessary as our prayers.

Please pass word of this far and wide.  Thank you.

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