Monday, June 20, 2011

Archdiocese Of Boston Allows "Gay Pride Celebration" Mass

The buck stops with Cardinal O'Malley in regards to this travesty.  I cannot believe that he did not give permission for this blasphemy to go forward.  If he didn't, he must stand up forcefully and resolutely now and defend his flock from this scandal.  If he doesn't, he will forfeit any and all moral authority as a bishop, perhaps irrevokably.  He will have betrayed his solemn vows as bishop.  He will have in fact opened the sheep gate to the wolves.

St Cecelia has been given permission by the Archdiocese of Washington Boston (thank you anonymous for typo correction) to resume plans for their blasphemous celebration inside a Catholic church.  Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament will be subjected to all manners of abuse.  It will be much like the buffets and spitting that He endured during His Passion and death.  A sin that "cries out to heaven" will be celebrated during the Mass.  So what can be expected at this Mass?  Will there be behavior and scenes such as these inside the Church?

A few good Catholics in Boston have been speaking up.  However, there should be a deafening outcry.  Where is it?

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  1. Should be"Archdiocese of Boston not Washington".


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