Friday, June 10, 2011

God Works Through "Curmudgeonly Bloggers" Again!

Last week I highlighted a Vortex episode that exposed a planned Qu'ran reading during Holy Mass in a Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC.  Again, when light shines, the cockroaches flee!  We just learned that the bishop of Charlotte, Peter Jugis, ordered that the planned debacle be canceled.   We thank the good bishop that he protected his flock from this planned exercise in blasphemy and heresy.  We thank God for His intervention, and we also thank Him for allowing us in some small way to be His instruments: both in enterprises such as the Vortex, Lifesite News, etc, the efforts of bloggers, and the efforts of all who alerted Bishop Jugis to malfeasance in his diocese. 

The internet and our usage of this critical tool has proven in this case, and in the Notre Dame case (see previous post) to be pivotal in correcting serious error.  We need to use this tool well.  Please see the Vortex episode below for more explanation on how the laity can use the internet for good.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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