Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dissenting Priest Laicized

In Maryknoll, NY, the air is just a tad fresher now that Roy Bourgeois has been canonically dismissed from the priesthood.  He was a Maryknoll father who refused to recant his public support of "women's ordination".  He had gone so far as to participate in a false "women's ordination ceremony" put on by "Roman Catholic Womanpriests".  After he received canonical warning, he defiantly issued a screed trying to convince the Church why he was right and Jesus Christ was wrong.

I hope that more dissident clerics and religious will sit up and take notice.  Barring that, I hope and pray that they too are removed - both for their own sakes and the good of those whom those false shepherds would have led astray.

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