Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Venerable Sheen On Contraception

This is a talk given by the Venerable Archbishop Sheen on the evils of contraception.  If the banner behind him is any indication, this was recorded in 1953.  That was twenty-three years after the Anglican's lamentable Lambeth Conference, when they let the camel's nose under their tent.  This talk occurred before Griswald v Connecticut.   Click here if you can't see embedded video.


  1. Note the banner at the top of the video, naming what I presume is the author of an article, Mrs Peter Marshall. This graphic must have been taken from the cover of a magazine that carried both Catholic and Protestant conservative thought.

  2. The photo is from a cover of Look magazine: "Sheen & 12 other winners of Look's 4th annual TV awards"


  3. After listenting to this would guess it was given after Humanae Vitae (church would soon issue an encyclical against "eye control" if numerous people began walking around blind folded). Also w/the "positive teaching" and the "unitive aspect" being emphasized definitely post VCII.

    Re: VCII Marriage/Feminism teachings:


    W/out contraception, definitely no "equality" for women; "baby machine" pretty much sums it up. For a long time I never understood the "barefoot" part of it, but "too poor to afford shoes" is probably the size of it which also affects men & the children. Meanwhile, I see your "peasant Catholic" Voris is throwing a St. Pat's week cruise w/Fr. Z (who's still not finished that paper/degree he's supposedly excused from duty to work on). Certainly they probably wouldn't be crusin' the seven seas if either were manning a parish or a family.

    Still can't get over finding out N Pelosi had 5 kids in 6 years - certainly she did her "share" according to even Voris Catholics - but those were the first six years of her marriage! She is one who could have had 20 kids (and not been hurt financially). When you published those out of body videos of her when she got ushered to her seat at the banquet table of the Lamb by presiding, gracious Father God George Bush, couldn't help thinking those people she felt crowding into her seat were the kids she didn't bear and if it was God prompting her. I guess all you can say is that: "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." Prov 14:12

    1. Ladies and gentlemen, I publish this so that you can see what passes for logic and reason to those who dissent from Church teaching - much rambling and prattling with no cohesion. In short, "garbage in, garbage out".


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