Friday, November 2, 2012

Father Reese Plops Another Stinker

This one occurred this past weekend during a "Sunday Speakers Series" session at Holy Trinity Church near Georgetown University.  Both are Jesuit-controlled institutions, so that should tell you a lot.  In it he voiced unabashed support for the HHS contraception mandate.  Here's the whopper, coming from a Catholic priest: "Contraception is a lot cheaper than live births, especially if the live births are problematic."  He sounds a bit like Simon Legree, valuing cash over babies.  One can only imagine the "solution" he might suggest for those "problematic live births".  Apparently all the mercenaries parishioners in the audience clapped and applauded over this.  What can we say?  This is the same bunch that gave Joe Biden a standing ovation during Mass after he made a sacrilegious Holy Communion.

My colleague at A Washington DC Catholic opines that Reese should be defrocked.  (Reese is no stranger to being sacked; recall that one of the first actions of Pope Benedict XVI was to fire Reese as editor of America, the Jesuit rag/magazine).  I agree.  Moreover, so should all the parish priests at Holy Trinity; and perhaps it's high time to place that entire parish under interdict or some other discipline.

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