Friday, November 16, 2012

Nun On Bus Goes To White House

Sister Simone "abortion is above my pay-grade" Campbell will meet with the Messiah Most Miserable.  Also invited to the schmooze event is the president of the Human Rights Campaign, the president of AARP and Al Sharpton.  This is part of Obama's efforts to convince people of faith that his mandate and tax-hike schemes are okee-dokee.  I cannot say that Obama is trying to sell them on his budget for that budget doesn't exist (that's another story in and of itself).

She does have a lot in common with Obama, though.  Abortion is above his pay-grade, too.  In fact, lots of things are above his pay grade.

The voters of the USA squandered their opportunity to relieve Obama of the title "president".  However, that shouldn't stop the proper church authorities of relieving Campbell of her "sister" title.


  1. While they are there, I wouldn't be surprised if a big storm hit.

    1. Oh, I'd prefer a localized tornado since I live in the general area. However, perhaps that tornado could then wander a few blocks north up 16th Street and remove the Planned Parenthood as well. Hey! We can dream, can't we? 8-D

  2. I do wish Campbell would be relieved of her "sister" title. I've asked myself for years, "Why don't they leave when they no longer believe in Church Teaching?" I may have found the answer in a New Oxford Review Article, "Apostisizing in Place." They would have no power if they left. If they stay, they are given some credence as a Catholic nun. Of course we do have "Pope" Pelosi; although she is not a sister, she is referred to as Pope because she claims to have the authority of the Church too.


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