Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three Million Stayed Home

That's the number of Republicans who did not darken the doors of their polling places this past Tuesday.  Had they done so, things might be a bit different now.  On CNSNews, Brent Bozell opined that "it should have been a landslide for Romney had he embraced a truly conservative agenda."  I too regret that the GOP did not select a true pro-life conservative.  But the attitude of those who stayed home because Romney wasn't quite what they wanted can only be described as childish at best.  They wouldn't brook someone who wasn't a staunch conservative, so instead they sat by and let a truly rabid pro-abortion zealot retain his death-grip on the country.  I've spoken about this silly mindset before, both here and on Facebook.  So to those "conservatives" who stayed away from the polls in a self-righteous huff, you are - in good measure - to blame for what happened.  Those of you who did so in the name of "being pro-life" may well have innocent blood on your hands as you could have at least reduced the slaughter that will now occur unchecked.

Following this jump breaks are two clips:

This first is an interview of Herman Cain, who himself was a candidate during the GOP primaries.  His first sentence echoes much of what I just said.  He then proposes the creation of a third party.  If there is to be talk of a third party, now is the time to do so - not during the course of a crucial election as some insisted on doing!  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

This next is from Mark Levin.  I heard this yesterday as I was driving home from the office.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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