Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Special Vortex On Latest CCHD Scandals

In this special report, Michael Voris interviews Michael Hichborn and Rob Gaspar of American Life League.  The latter two have discovered that the scandals of CCHD grants have actually increased this year - something quite different from the party line that has been fed to us.  The report itself is over 2000 pages long; links to it can be found at the ReformCCHDNow site.  On the bright side, this report is a few hundred pages shorter than the Obamacare legislation, but I digress!

As you watch this report and look at the material yourselves, realize that all this played a large part in Obama's victory last week.  If you have donated to the CCHD in recent years, you have inadvertently donated to organizations that favor abortion, gay rights, socialism - all positions assumed by the Obama progressive cartel.  We might safely assume that some of your donations have been diverted into Democratic coffers.  Toward the end of the clip, Hichborn makes a salient point: we will not win the culture war if we have elements in the Church that are funneling resources to nefarious groups.

Click here if you cannot see embedded video.  And of course, do NOT contribute to any collection for the CCHD.


  1. This is extremely important to be aware of, and to pray on what the Lord would have us to do to change the culure. The Church's mission, our mission, is the saving of souls for Jesus, not supporting immorality.

  2. I am out of the Santa Fe Archdiocese and tomorrow I would like to tell my congregation that CCHD is supporting abortion. How can I do this before they take up the collection tomorrow? I can't. This is in GOD'S hands and hopefully GOD will use me as an instrument to save souls who are damned. Jesus have mercy on us, AMEN


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