Thursday, November 1, 2012

ReformCCHDNow Rebukes EmpowerDC

I've written a bit on EmpowerDC, the left-wing "community organizing" bunch that seems to have an overly cozy relationship with St Augustine Church in DC.  ReformCCHD now, a coalition of organizations that are faithful to authentic Catholic teachings (including us) are demanding that EmpowerDC return the $50k grant it received from the CCHD.  RCN has issued a press release to that effect, to which we agree.  We'd only add that St Augustine Church must hand to EmpowerDC its eviction notice immediately.

In the meantime, please boycott all upcoming CCHD collections.


  1. Good luck
    ain't nobody listening to us faithful Catholics these days we just don't make a difference life will go on as normal at St Augustine's they don't correct the liturgical abuses there at the "gospel mass" they aren't going to listen to you about this

  2. As long as the corrupt CCHD collection remains, 'bernardin' & his 'seamless-garment', communism are still in control at the USCCB.


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