Friday, November 9, 2012

USCCB - "Talk Nice-Nice To The Thugs!"

Following in the less-than-intrepid steps of the Weeper of the House, the USCCB is urging "civility" and "dialogue" - with the very people in Washington who have no bones about their ambitions to wipe authentic Christianity from this nation's landscape.  Read Sister Mary Ann Walsh's pabulum here.

I posted a comment.  Somehow I don't think this post will be allowed to be part of all that charming "civil dialogue" so I'll just put it here.

Where, oh where, is the "civility" of the murder of babies?  How do we talk, with a straight face, about "dialogue" with those who engage in the tearing apart of babies limb by limb?  Read Mr Cristofferson's comment about the "integrity of relationship between a pregnant woman and her doctor".  Sorry, sir, but that "integrity" is misnamed if that woman has hired the "doctor" to murder her child.

The fact is we cannot dialog with evil.  It must be defeated decisively.  The bishops can start by unshackling their priests so that they can preach from the pulpit without fear of being called to the woodshed by their chanceries; that has happened several times in my diocese now.  We can start by insisting upon laws that will protect the innocent.  Dr Martin Luther King once said that he realized "laws can't make my white brother love me, but they can keep him from lynching me". 

Let's leave off the overly-conciliatory talks of "dialog".  If you haven't noticed, the Obama cartel is trying to destroy the Church.  Isn't it high time you removed your rose-colored glasses?  Develop the spine that God gave you and stand up like adults to these thugs - for their good as well as that of civilization.

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