Sunday, November 4, 2012

Misogynists At Planned Parenthood

What else can you call an organization that uses a picture like the one below for one of their facebook banners?

It's on their "Planned Parenthood Action" page.  See

Ladies, this is what the progressives think of us.  They really think this is how we vote.  Let's show them the error of their ways this Tuesday (though I doubt they'll learn anything).

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  1. Women are good for one thing only and their measure is in how wide they can spread their legs. Perfect icon for those sickos. What's interesting is look at the birth control methods shown. The IUD and the pill. Both seriously damage women's bodies. But hey, it's worth it if women can always be available to a male chauvinist pig who want a cutes little sex object who's at least temporarily sterile so he can play but not pay.


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