Sunday, November 4, 2012

Unions: Hard At Work To Re-elect Obama

The labor unions, aka big labor, are hard at work to make sure their community-organizing buddy wins re-election.  You labor types will be proud of them as the unions do what they do best.  We have some stories to that effect that are guaranteed to bring a tear to your eyes.

First story!  In Toledo, Ohio, four men were caught using a truck registered to the Sheet Metal Workers International Association to transport Romney/Ryan yard signs that had been stolen the night before from the lawns of Romney supporters.  Police were alerted by some of these residents who witnessed the thefts.  Three of those arrested are employees of SWMIA Local 33.  As one individual puts it, it will be interesting to see if they were being paid by the union to commit those thefts.

Second story!  SEIU workers are volunteering for the Obama campaign.  This woman says she has talked to many folks to ask them to vote for Obama.  And apparently they continue to knock on doors even as I write this.  They are all willing and enthusiastic volunteers!  Or..are they?

It appears that some of these volunteers aren't all that willing.  Look at this interview done by the Daily Caller.  Knowing the kinds of stunts that SEIU has pulled in the past (most notably the thuggery during town halls during the Obamacare deliberations), who can put it past them?

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