Monday, November 19, 2012

Further Details On The Boy Not Being Confirmed

From this online Detroit news article, we see that there were two candidates who deviate from God's teachings on morality.  Moreover, they made the decision themselves to forego the Sacrament of Confirmation owing to their decision to support mortal sin.

Father LaMoine revealed further details and apologized for the actions of the Cihak family in their distortion of the facts and in their variance with God's word.

While the boys seemed to have decided for themselves not to be confirmed, Father LaMoine would have acted properly if he had outright forbade them to partake of the Sacrament.  It seems reasonable to believe that these boys would be in mortal sin owing to their willful renunciation of Church teaching; thus no sacramental grace would convey to them in that state.

These boys and their families stand in desperate need of prayer.  They flirt with eternal damnation by their flippant disregard for the word of God and His Church.  Before any of them can contemplate Confirmation, they should hasten to Confession.

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