Thursday, November 1, 2012


I haven't posted on that sorry and tragic debacle.  As details emerge, it becomes increasingly clear that Obama and his minions had ample warning that trouble was brewing in Libya.  The embassy requested aide and protection; their pleas were ignored.  We see here a skeletal timeline of events.

Inhabiting the Oval Office is a man-child who, at most, has some "community-organizing" experience of which he can boast.  Much has been made of his gadding about in a helicopter over areas stricken by Hurricane Sandy and how "presidential he looked".  Well, be that as it may, Obama was not "presidential" when it counted.  It clearly appears that he sucked his thumb instead of "acting presidential" and as a result, four American lives were lost when there was ample time to send assistance.  It now appears that assistance was requested - and denied.  Today Fox News released details of a cable sent by the consulate to the Department of State about surrounding activities in Libya and that it would never withstand any "coordinated attack".

I will link to a four-part youtube series put out by Fox News (Towards the end of each part will be a green link to the next; click on that to get to the next video in the series.)  In the first part, former UN ambassador John Bolton puts forth a hypothesis why security in Libya was reduced - because to keep heightened security there would have contradicted the Obama administration's claim to success in stabilizing that region (at 10:25 mark. John Sunonu states the same theory in part 3 at the 4:53 mark.

We now have reports that US drones were flying overhead during part of the attack, transmitting images to military personnel.  Why did't they act?  Were they restrained by Washington?

In November, we must send the man-child known as Barack Hussein Obama packing and put some adults in charge of the White House.

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  1. To interested readers, "National Review" online has been covering this story since it all started on an ongoing basis.


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