Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Progressive Follies - The Gifts That Keep On Giving

From the same mindset that brought us the less-than-charming banner in the previous post, we have this less-than-lovely exhortation from Cher and Kathy Griffin.  At the 2:35 mark, while exhorting us to throw pro-life candidates to the wayside, Griffin calls us "bitches".  I suppose we should just expect such verbal abuse after having our intelligence insulted with the drivel that they think will win us to their side.  Click here if you can't see embedded video, but then read below the clip.

This article from LifeSiteNews offers a reasonable alternative to the snarky mindsets evident in the progressives.  It simply suggests "ladies, let's take our dignity to the voting booth."  We're not sexists; the same applies to gentlemen as well.

Let's pray and then cast our votes for Romney.  Ora et labora!


  1. and she said Paul Ryan looked like Dracula and her looking like Mortisha has no room to talk.

  2. Wow! These poor deluded women. Of course Cher let a lesbian be intimate with her poor daughter. She has a lot to answer for...and now standing up for the murder of the unborn. Who will speak for them on Judgement day -- their hairdressers? Their plastic surgeons? God have mercy on them. By the way, who the heck is Kathy Griffin? I never heard of her.

    1. You might be sorry you asked that question. See http://romancatholicblog.typepad.com/roman_catholic_blog/2007/09/kathy-griffins-.html


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