Saturday, November 3, 2012

Obama Equates Voting With Revenge

In keeping with the "toned down rhetoric" exemplified by the Obama-favoring ads I've been posting for your review, the Messiah Most Miserable advised rally attendees that "voting is the best revenge."  This occurred yesterday in Springfield, OH.

So he equates voting with revenge?  I've heard voting described as "act of patriotism", "love of country", "civic duty", "right won by the blood of soldiers", etc.  But ... revenge?  Pray tell, revenge upon whom??

I'm not the only one asking that question and some others.  I link now to the Inquisitor site.  On that site are two videos: one of the Messiah Most Miserable uttering the banal remark, and the other of Mitt Romney offering his own voting suggestions in reply.  If you can't see embedded videos, click here and here respectively.

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