Monday, January 21, 2013

Biden Says "Keep The Faith"

No, my fellow Catholics!  I hate to dash your hopes, but Plugs was not talking of his own much-neglected Catholicism.  He gave this pseudo-spiritual exhortation to environmental activists at a "Green Ball".  And why should the climate change nazis wax hopeful?  Because, in Biden's own words, the Messiah Most Miserable and his Minions Most Mindless will compel us to "finally face up to climate change".

"Faith"?  Isn't that a quality found in those adhering to some religious/spiritual tenet?  I thought the climate change folks were all about purely scientific proofs - so why would they be hearkening back to faith?  Could it be that environmentalism has indeed become - its own religion???

Well, there be skeptics among us, I daresay.  One of them is NOAA, who show that average temperatures have been holding steady for some time now.

Lent is not that far off.  Soon we'll be hearing clarion calls from USCCB progressives urging us to climb onto the Catholic Climate Covenant bandwagon.  We'll be prepared to skip that ride.

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  1. I extend more tolerance to Biden than I would to any other elected official who said some of the things he does. Biden has had a series of CVAs (cerebro-vascular accidents), and has evidently had some brain damage as a result. He did have surgery, but there are limits to what this can accomplish. His inappropriate affect, words, and behavior are symptomatic. In other words, he's not in his right mind, and he wasn't a bright man to begin with.

    Of course, he was a fairly nasty individual and not excessively honest even before these episodes. At this point, however, I don't think he's really in control of his mouth or his mind.


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