Saturday, January 5, 2013

When One Flouts God's Laws...

One often suffers consequences - particularly when those laws involve His order for family life.  In Kansas, a lesbian couple wanted to have "their own child" - biological child, that is.  Well, the Laws of Nature and Nature's God dictate (progressives, go get pen and paper and take notes, ok?) that:
  • It takes one man and one woman (not transgenders, by the way) to make a baby.  Remember Biology 101 before the "politically correct" days?
  • Nothing else will work.
They advertised on Craigslist for a sperm donor.  I didn't realize that Craigslist was the "go-to" place for fathers for one's children; the things we learn - but I digress!  Anyway, they found a guy who was willing to be the accomplice to their ill-conceived stunt; even his wife went along with it.  He was so altruistic that he decided to forego the "fee for services".  

Shortly after the little girl was born, the lesbians went their separate ways and the one who was the biological mother lost her job.  To make a long story short (but you can read the WFF link) she and the state of Kansas are pursuing the sperm donor for child support.  They have come to the logical conclusion (albeit in a convoluted manner) that the donor is the father of the little girl.  He alleges that he isn't; but he is the male half of the source of that child's existence - so he's a daddy!

He whines "no good deed goes unpunished".  That's irrelevant in this case, for his "donor" deed was anything but good.  It's his sin that is being punished.  Of course the individual who is really suffering unjustly is the little girl herself.  She (and others like her) knows that her daddy doesn't give a damn about her.  Who knows?  Maybe he'll wake up and try to be some kind of father to her.

If nothing else, let this serve as a lesson to any potential "donors".  You may get burned like this guy is now - and if you don't heed the warning, you could get burned in eternity.  Please - respect Nature and Nature's God.


  1. It would be funny if it weren't so tragic. Poor little girl. I call that child abuse.

  2. If he refuses to pay child support he can write a book from prison titled "Sperm Daddy."


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