Wednesday, January 16, 2013

USCCB's Upcoming Catholic Social Ministry Gathering

This year's gabfest is scheduled for Feb 10-13 at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel.  With John Carr, Ralph McCloud and Mary Wright of Just Faith on the Planning Committee, one can safely assume that the stench of progressivism will drift throughout the meeting halls and workshops.

Among the featured speakers is Mark Shields of PBS.  Of course that means his salary is paid in part by you and me via our tax dollars.  Therefore, is it any wonder that he complained that "no Republican in the House or Senate for 22 years has voted to increase taxes"?  No tax increase, no raise - the poor fella!  But that was in December.  Now he must be breathing sighs of relief after the GOP capitulation over the "fiscal cliff" deal.  In this clip you'll hear him say, "losing their virginity on the issue of tax cuts is an important thing to these Republicans who have not voted to increase taxes...".  Actually, the GOP lost their virtue with the fiscal cliff deal, but I digress.  I certainly hope that such metaphors will not spew forth from Shields' mouth at this USCCB session.  The clip is below the jump break so

His pal David Brooks of the New York Times will be another featured speaker.  He had the stupidity to try to ascribe to the GOP blame for the economy and "fiscal cliff".   I could spend considerable effort picking apart his lack of logic, but that's not the point of this post.  Suffice it to say that the USCCB is featuring two flagrant GOP bashers - but no one from the GOP to give some balance to the perspective.  Then of course we see Father Martin of the faux-katholyc America magazine.  Let's be up-front on this; the left-wing bias on the part of the USCCB planning committee is deliberate!  What else would we expect of John Carr and Ralph McCloud??  So much for all those "diversity" wonks on that planning committee!

Kathy Saile of the USCCB's Department of Peace, etc is another on that planning committee.  She herself seems to be one more reason why the USCCB should be abolished.  I post below a clip from a collaboration she did last September with Jim Wallis of Sojourners.  Seeing her obfuscation of the distinction between intrinsic moral evil and matters of prudential judgment and disregard for the principle of subsidiarity, who can doubt that such thinking is being brought to bear on this February meeting?  As I learn more of this meeting, I'll post updates.

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