Friday, January 25, 2013

Today's March For Life

Here aare some "bird's eye views" of over 500,000 people who attended today's March for Life (and this is with the snow and cold).

You will not see these in the lamebrain-mainstream media!


  1. It is with the ultra sound videos that we can see for ourselves that life means just exactly that. Those babies are alive from conception. Just a few months in the womb, they are moving, scratching, feeling. A few months more they are showing their earthly appearance, cleft chins, full lips, head shaped........We must never stop fighting the evil of abortion. 30 years ago, it was believed they were just blood & we know it's much more than that. Tiny human beings unable to defend themselves must be allowed to live.

  2. Oh, I thought they gave this march with over 500,000 people, 17 seconds.

  3. The first photo is from the New York Times.

    1. Nice picture, but the article itself? "Tens of thousands"? How about "hundreds of thousands"? But for the NYT I suppose that's par for the course.


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