Monday, January 7, 2013

Sister Carol Keehan Dealing With Obamacare Reality

National Catholic Register interviewed Sister Carol Keehan.  She is grimacing a bit at the cuts to hospitals (including CHA hospitals) that are part and parcel of the ObamaHellBill.  Goodness!  She might even find herself taking a cut in salary!

Bear in mind that almost two years ago, this woman played a pivotal role in ramming this thing through Congress.  It's reasonable to opine that without her intervention with some of the Catholics in Congress, the ObamaHellBill would not have passed.  Now it appears that a glimmer of reality is breaking through the blinders that she put upon her own face.  I would say that it's rather poetic justice that's being served upon Sister, but the fact is that we all will pay for this mess.

Sister, perhaps you'd want to return your Pen of Perfidy!

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