Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vortex Report On What Should Have Been Done At The Beginning

We do need to address contraception as the fundamental evil that it is.  The pro-life movement, following a misguided "ecumenical" impulse, looked the other way on this.  No longer can we do so.


  1. Fifty-six million isn't a useful number. The human simply can't circumscribe a number like that. I wish there were some way to illustrate this number in a way we could grasp, so that the full horror would hit everyone.

    1. I think you said a key word there - illustrate. That is why we must display the pictures that show the horrible brutality of abortion. I stand with Father Pavone when he says "America won't end abortion until it sees abortion."

  2. Every year in the United States approximately 2 abortions occur for every 5 live births or 8 out of 28. This is how I would illustrate/visualize that. Take a picture of kindergarten class room with 28 chairs with one child per chair in 4 rows of 7. Under that picture have this caption, "For every 20 births there are 8 abortions". Next to it have the same classroom with the first two rows (8 chairs) empty and this caption, "Were these 8 your choice?"



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