Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Of Clerics Who Won't Proclaim The Truth

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris takes to task those Church leaders who speak of moral issues only in light of contemporaneous circumstances without broaching the truths of God's laws.  Some might think Voris is being rather harsh towards weak clerics.  I on the other hand think that if Voris errs, he errs on the side of ascribing to many clerics too much nobility.  For instance, instead of speaking on moral issues at all, many clerics don't utter a peep regarding them.  They say not one word on the evils of contraception, but they'll rattle on and on about "social justice", "evil guns (not the gun owners, but the inanimate guns)", etc, etc.  Then there are those who "wine and dine" perpetrators of heinous evils simply because those perpetrators have worldly influence, money or power.

Some clerics, most notably bishops, not only maintain utter silence in the face of monstrous evils and lick the boots of powerful evil-mongers.  They'll punish other clergy who are Godly men and who do honor their sacerdotal offices by serving God and truth.  Witness the abysmal treatment meted out to Father Marcel Guarnizo by the Archdiocese of Washington last Lent when Father upheld the truth of morality and Church teaching.  I wrote extensively on that last spring; read here.

Important "aside": I know some of you are sick and tired of having Father Marcel's situation called to mind.  However, until the archdiocese sees the error of its way and issues an apology to Father and to all faithful Catholics insulted by their actions, I will continue to shine the light upon this disgraceful episode.  Get used to it.  I will not let this "go away"!  There will be no "healing" until justice is done here.  How can real authentic healing occur when the disease of cowardice and political correctness continues to run amok in the DC chancery?

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  1. Janet, keep pounding on the Father Guarnizo matter. The Archdiocese must issue an apology. We cannot stop bringing up this issue until the truth is acknowledged.

  2. Agree! Thanks for your efforts. Although prayer is also needed. "While man cannot...with God all things are possible."

  3. An excellent post. Thank you.

    No, do not stop bringing up the injustice of the Father Guarnizo affair. That outrage must be soundly reversed. If we bloggers can do nothing else we can keep the feet of creeps like Wuerl to the fire until justice is finally done.

    With regard to Mr Voris' latest video, the elephant in the living room, alas, is the Holy Father. He, too, for all his wonderful qualities, prefers to speak only in generalizations and platitudes. We must pray for that man to find his fighting voice and to speak clearly and without ambiguity - and naming names - about the evils that are engulfing us. When the Pope starts to finally take the gloves off then and only then will things begin to change. Pray that he finds the courage.

    Again, thank you for the fine article.

  4. I am not, and never will be, sick of the Father Marcel matter. A traddie priest that used to be on EWTN talked to me extensively about this. He said that even though Ed Peters (who is a good Catholic, I'm not knocking him) said that Father Marcel may have erred in his actions, he is mistaken. According to another canonist, whose article on this he gave me, Father Marcel HAD to deny Johnson Communion under both Canons 915 and 916. Ed Peters is a good guy, but I think he missed the mark here.

    And I think that Father Marcel was treated in a disgraceful manner.



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