Monday, January 28, 2013

Maryland Catholic Conference - Careening Towards Irrelevance

Some might think my title is overly harsh.  Actually I think it's rather mild as it may be lurching towards dissidence.  For those who have been keeping an eye on the state Catholic Conferences, along with the USCCB, this is no surprise.

On January 19th the Holy Father released a statement that made plain that Catholic agencies should refuse partnerships that would indirectly support activities opposed to Church teaching.  He is confirming what so many faithful Catholics have been saying all along regarding the questionable alliances concocted by the "social justice" arms of the Church bureaucracy and of the insipid toadying to prominent pro-aborts done by Church prelates.

On page 3 of the Jan/Feb edition of Our Parish Times appeared an article about the Maryland Catholic Conference and its choice of priorities.  What are the top two in the headline?  "Death penalty repeal" and "Catholic school support".  The third most popular was "gun violence".  The word "abortion" was not to be found once in this article and while "stem cell research" was mentioned, there was no clear explanation that embryonic stem cell research is a form of child murder.

I knew the "death penalty repeal" appeal could make the MCC susceptible to the temptation to involve itself in all manners of squalid associations.  So far I'm proven correct.

I discovered that tonight Maryland Citizens Against State Executions held their 2013 Rally and Lobby Day.  See the link for further details.  You'll see that they act contrary to the Holy Father's Jan 19th directive against lending indirect support of sinful activities.  In this meeting, the MCC has allied itself with:
  • Equality Maryland
  • ACLU
  • NAACP (and various chapters)
  • Progressive Maryland
  • Amnesty International
All of these organizations promote baby-murder and perversions of sexuality and family life.  This evening the Maryland Catholic Conference, once again, sold its soul.

Below the jump break I'll post two relevant videos so...
In this video, Ryan Bomberger, founder of the Radiance Foundation (himself conceived in rape) aptly explains the prominence that rightfully belongs to the move to abolish abortion,  The nation's bishops and various bureaucrats in the Church hierarchy would do well to pay attention at around the 3-minute mark as Bomberger warns of the danger of being distracted by lesser-priority matters.

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris predicts that much of the Church bureaucracy will wither away and be extinct in less than 20 years.  In its current condition, the Maryland Catholic Conference is a prime candidate for such pruning and burning.  So is the USCCB and so many others of the "social justice" variety.  The pruning cannot come too soon.

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  1. If only they were careening toward irrelevance instead of using the Body of Christ to advance evil. It is criminal that they are allowed to use the name "Catholic" while advancing an agenda contrary to what the Catholic Church publicly states is its mission. I pray God will soon destroy them as He will all evil doers.


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