Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Planned Parenthood Drops "Pro-Choice" Schtick

That's right!  They are dropping usage of that label at long last.  Don't believe me, pro-aborts?  Then check out RH Reality Check!  Notice how the author of that article then asks "what does it mean for the movement"?  She can no longer call it the "pro-choice movement".  That must leave her feeling a bit tongue-tied - the poor dear!  (For a laugh, read the comments in that article to see pro-aborts snarl at each other!)

Lifesite News quotes from a variety of articles.  Apparently PP's Vice President Dawn Laguens thinks "choice" as a word sounds too frivolous.  Well, yes, when one considers the object of "choice" here is the murder of a child.

I've stood outside Planned Parenthood for many years now.  As I've watched many beaten-down young women walk in there under duress and with tears in their eyes as their parents or boyfriends marching them along, I knew that "choice" was not what was on display.

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