Thursday, January 24, 2013

If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Then a video clip is worth a million (or should we say "trillion" to impress the denizens of the White House).  Two scenes recorded by pro-lifers reveal how the embrace of abortion corrupts the mind so that the pro-abortion proponent eventually embraces violence - in both word and action.  Think about it.  Abortion is THE most violent act possible against one who is least able to defend him/herself.

First, from South Bend IN, we have "doctor" George Klopfer envisioning the sidewalk counselor's daughter being gang-raped.  His equally ghoulish thugs employees chime in.

Then from Jackson MS we see a pro-abortion security guard pepper-spraying three pro-life activists.  I understand that the three are pressing charges.  I hope that they are also holding liable the abortuary as the guard's employer.

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