Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So What If Abortion Ends Life?

Ladies and gentlemen, the pro-abortion advocates are no longer bothering with "pro-choice" and denying that the fetus really is a baby.  With the advent of 4-d ultrasound, how can they?  The title of my post is the title of an article that appears in "Salon".  It is written by Mary Elizabeth Williams

"Sacrificed for circumstances" - Still murder
Read it, for it clearly illustrates the complete arrogance and death of conscience that will occur to anyone who espouses the pro-baby-murder canard.  For instance, as she says of the relationship between mother and unborn child, "She’s the boss. Her life and what is right for her circumstances and her health should automatically trump the rights of the non-autonomous entity inside of her. Always."  Those of us who have some recollection of history (and it is not the liberal who's been brainwashed by humanistic-driven public education) will recall that in the days of the ancient Roman empire, when a mother was in labor, there was a pan of water placed nearby.  If the child just born didn't suit the father for some reason, the infant was immediately drowned.  I daresay that most (even "pro-choice") would instinctively recoil in horror at the thought.  But how are the beliefs of that ancient Roman father any different from those voiced by Williams?  They aren't.  So in Williams' warped world-view, the little person can be ripped from limb to limb because he/she is not deemed "right for her (mother's) circumstances".

I won't pick apart the entire article lest this blog post become its own article.  She ends hers by acknowledging her "conviction that the fetus is indeed a life - a life worth sacrificing".  No, my dear.  One sacrifices only what is their own.  You do not own that baby; he/she is not your property.  Therefore, in that last sentence, "sacrifice" is more aptly rendered "murder".  That comes at an eternal price - namely the torments of hell.  Somehow I don't think hell would be right for anyone's "circumstances".

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