Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cardinal Dolan's Wimpy Response To Cuomo

Normally I avoid the Patheos blogs like a plague, but once in a while they do have news.  In today's State of the State address, New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo promised to pass a "Reproductive Health Act" bill designed to render New York even more hospitable to baby-murder than it already is.  New York's abortion rate is twice that of the national average.  But Planned Parenthood, giddy over the 2012 increases in  its baby-murdering business wants even more blood money.  Since Cuomo knows at least some of that blood-money will flow into his political coffers (and he probably has his sights set on the White House), he is all too ready to do the bidding of those who hold his purse strings.

Cardinal Dolan of New York issued his response to Cuomo's address.  I saw it on "The Deacon's Bench".  This blogger entitled his piece "..Cardinal Dolan Shows How It's Done.."   Well, I beg to differ.  In the light of Cuomo's obvious indifference, if not actual hatred of his Catholic heritage and Church teaching, I see this response as one of the most wimpy, simpering things that I've ever read.  This is not a response to evil that would be incumbent upon a Shepherd of the Church.

So that I can add my own commentary in red, I'll reproduce the Cardinal's letter below.  I hope the New York chancery takes note (hey - I can dream, can't I?)

Dear Governor Cuomo: 

Congratulations on your third State of the State message earlier today. There is much to cheer in your report, and my brother bishops and I look forward to working with you to advance much of this agenda. 

In particular, we share your absolute horror at the many incidents of gun violence that have had such a terrible impact on our society, none more so than the unspeakable massacre of 26 innocent children and women at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14. We commit ourselves to working with you to address this urgent problem as you look toward meaningful reforms of our gun laws, improvements in care for the mentally ill, and safer schools. Meanwhile Cuomo promised to make the culture more hostile via abortion.  Cuomo has no horror of the "unspeakable massacre of innocent New York children that occurs daily.

Allow me also to single out for praise your continued interest in reforming and improving our state’s health care system, as well as your support for a long-overdue increase in the state’s minimum wage. I am hopeful that real progress can be made in these and other areas that enhance the lives of those who are living below or near the poverty level in our state.  Why go on and on about this trivia when babies are being butchered?

Yes, there is much to praise.  What????   However, I would be remiss if I did not renew my great disappointment regarding your continued support for the radical Reproductive Health Act. I know that you appreciate the fact that millions of New Yorkers of all faiths, or none at all, share a deep respect for all human life from conception to natural death. I also know that you are aware that New York State’s abortion rate is, incredibly, double the national average. Sadly, nearly 4 in 10 pregnancies statewide end in abortion. In some parts of New York City, the rate is higher than 60 percent, mostly in the impoverished Black and Latino communities.  Of course Cuomo knows all that!  He doesn't give a damn!  He's lock, stock and barrel in bed with the abortion cartel!  How can that be more obvious??

As we have discussed in the past, we obviously disagree on the question of the legality of abortion, but surely we are in equally strong agreement that the abortion rate in New York is tragically high.  Your Eminence, this is not mere "disagreement".  Cuomo is disobeying Church teaching to the possible damnation of his own soul and blood guilt of an entire state.   There was a time when abortion supporters claimed they wanted to make abortion “safe, legal, and rare.” Yet this measure is specifically designed to expand access to abortion, and therefore to increase the abortion rate. I am hard pressed to think of a piece of legislation that is less needed or more harmful than this one. 

I do hope you will reconsider this position. Your Eminence, you are his bishop.  Why not tell him that he stands in real danger of going to hell, with all its pains and torments, unless he repents?  As his bishop, order him to repent and if he disobeys even that, then instruct your priests to obey Canon 915 and not allow him to partake of Holy Communion.    I stand ready and eager to discuss this or any other matter with you at any time. My brother bishops and I would very much like to work closely with you to reduce New York’s scandalous abortion rate and to provide an environment for all women and girls in which they are not made to feel as though their only alternative is to abort, something which goes against all human instinct, and which all too often leads to lifelong feelings of regret, guilt and pain for them, and for the baby’s father as well.  Of course there is the reality of damnation should they die unrepentant of their sin.  Why, oh why, do you not mention that everlasting reality?

I look forward to discussing all of these issues with you further when I visit Albany on March 19 and 20 for the New York State Catholic Conference’s Catholics at the Capitol event. 

Wishing you and your family speaking of "family", is he still living in fornication with Sandra Lee?  When, oh when, will you broach that?  Again you are his bishop; do your duty!  every blessing in the New Year, may I remain 

Faithfully yours, 

Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan

Your Eminence, you have a duty to speak truth to this man about his own sin and the sins of immorality that he is foisting upon the state of New York.  I realize your job is not easy, but it's still your job!  Do it!  I ask the intercession of St John the Baptist, St Thomas Becket, St Thomas More, St John Fisher, St Charles Lwanga and all the other saints who stood up to immoral political leaders


  1. ugh. Wimpy, wimpy response (his, not yours)...

  2. The Deacon wants to keep his job so he will always approve of Dolan's doings.

  3. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone

    1. Am I executing anybody? I'm urging Cardinal Dolan to be the bishop that he's supposed to be. How is that casting stones? It isn't. I have no bones putting forth my evaluation that his letter to Cuomo was pathetic. By the way - with your little misapplication of Scripture, aren't you communicating to me that you think my post is inappropriate? By your own standards, you seem to be doing a little stone-heaving of your own. You ain't getting away with that sort of double-talk here!

  4. I believe that Timothy Cardinal Dolan has done more to keep Faithful Catholics off balance than any other member of the clergy. What are we to think when the leader of the USCCB refuses to lead? Refuses to reinforce Catholic doctrine and defend the Faith? How can he "chastise" Obama, and then yuck it up with him at the Al Smith dinner? How can he place all the problems of society (read social justice) on an equal footing with abortion? And, how can Cardinal Dolan heap praises on Cuomo while he advocates the killing of innocents?

    Now is not the time to try to make them like us-they don't. Stop trying to make them listen, they won't. Stop trying to make them understand with equivication, they can't. They are living in mortal sin, and it is you job to remind them of this at every opportunity. Your job is to save their souls-AND YOURS, I might add.

    It would also be nice if the Faithful actually had a Bishop for a change. It seems the unfaithful have a bevy of bishops at their ready while we stand alone. Try doing your job as the above writer indicates and for the love of God-literaly, stand for us, stand for yourself, and stand for Him. Tess208

  5. Timothy Cardinal Dolan has to remember that he is supposed to be "in persona Christi", in the person of Christ and speak strongly when confronted with obvious opposition to the teachings of the Church.

    The Cardinal has to go from trying to please everyone to standing up and speaking the truth "in season and out of season." God is the only one who truly matters!

  6. Dolan’s drooling over the money and he is not alone. My eyes opened when I read this sentence in a letter from his brother Bishop O’Brien to Catholic Governor O’Malley asking him not to sponsor gay marriage in Maryland:
    “It is especially hard to fathom your taking such a step given the fact that our requests last year for you to sponsor legislation to repeal the death penalty and support students in Catholic and other nonpublic schools went unheeded.”
    Considering that five (5) people have been executed in Maryland since 1961 and that executions are currently suspended, while approximately 35,000 babies are executed in the womb year in and year out up to their birth day and notorious executioners like Carhart and Steve Chase are coming into Maryland to perform these grisly murders, it is not only hard to fathom it is UNCONSCIONABLE that the Archbishop did not request the governor repeal ABORTION!!!! Did Jesus not ask the rich young man to give up everything even though he knew he might refuse? But then Jesus wasn’t trying to flatter him for money.
    O’Malley’s reply is worth reading just for his laundry list of agreement: “eradicating poverty, expanding economic opportunity, promoting the dignity of work and the justice of fair wages, respecting the right of workers to organize, acknowledging the justice of a fair and progressive income tax, recognizing the dignity of every human being including, as yet, unauthorized immigrants, repealing the death penalty, reducing the incidence of infant mortality, providing a quality education for every child regardless of wealth, protecting God’s natural creation for the benefit of future generations, reducing violent crime, rebuilding our cities, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, visiting the imprisoned.” [Not a word about the 210,000 baby executions he’s presided over during his governorship.]
    While O’Brien doesn’t mention abortion to O’Malley he is at the 2012 MD March for Life to thank all those working against abortion AND gay marriage. Here’s how this article put it:
    “The Cardinal thanked all those who were working on the pro-life and traditional marriage causes and encouraged them not to become disheartened. "I know these days we seem to be losing politically, but in the end God will have the last word on what is right". His comments received standing ovations from the crowd at Saint Mary's church in Annapolis where Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, a supporter of abortion rights and homosexual marriage, often attends.”
    The problem seems to be that both bishop and governor are products of the same Catholic education system which breeds weak, vain, venial, ambitious, self-righteous liars and hypocrites.


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