Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Demographic Warning

This clip is five years old, having been made in 2008.  Leaving aside the cheesy sound-effects at the beginning of the clip, its words ring true.  Note closely what (the now-deceased) Muammar Gaddafi said about the way Islam might well overtake the western world - by out-producing Christians.  Ladies and gentlemen, that's simply a testament to Natural Law.  To be frank, the Muslims are fulfilling the commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve to "fill the earth" while westerners are contracepting and aborting themselves out of existence.  They are obeying Natural Law while we are disobeying it.

If indeed the Islamic faith comes to dominate the civilized world, the blame will not be with them for sharia, jihad, suicide bombers, etc.  The blame will lie with us for not reproducing ourselves and for not proclaiming the fullness of the Church's teaching and in general, for living as hedonists rather than Christians.  This is not rocket science.

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