Friday, July 26, 2013

Cdl Burke: "Strict Correlation Between Liturgical Abuse And Moral Corruption"

His Eminence Cardinal Burke expounds upon the truth contained in this Latin phrase: "lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi".  Read this LifeSiteNews piece for His Eminence's explanation of why we will never have a return to moral sanity and a Culture of Life unless we rediscover the importance of proper Catholic worship and adherence to the rubrics of the Sacraments.

There are some Catholic pro-lifers who tend to downplay the importance of adhering to proper form in the Mass and other Sacraments.  I hope the cardinal's words quells that error once and for all.


  1. Please don't blame our clergy that so many Catholics are pro abortion:

    If you want to do something about liturgical abuses BEFORE they happen please follow this link and send an email to the Archbishop. We can make a difference!!!

    1. While each and every Catholic must answer for his/her own soul, our shepherds will be held to account. I regret to point out that many Catholics are simply receiving poor to lousy catechesis from the very clergy who should be feeding them truth. They cannot be totally absolved of blame.


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