Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sr Carol Keehan On ADW Finance Council? Seriously???

Many of us have been warning - since before the passage of Obamacare - that Sister Carol Keehan was, and still is, a menace to the Faith.  The ramifications of Obamacare are being keenly felt by all concerned folks, not just Catholics who are being coerced into paying for abortions, etc.  I've written much and now link to relevant posts.

As these posts clearly state, I and many others take strenuous exception to the honors bestowed upon her by prelates who really should know better than that.  While conducting research for today's other post regarding Father Daly, I learned the following disgusting fact..

Sister Carol Keehan is a member of the Finance Council for the Archdiocese of Washington.  Look at the 6th page of this pdf.  Why, oh why, was she not unceremoniously ejected from that post after she wrecked so much havoc on this nation?  By the way - the directory was updated last week so this list is not obsolete.


  1. She is certainly a Catholic in good standing in the Church as is Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sibelius. So what's your point? Surely you don't think anything is wrong with the dismemberment of babies do you? What planet are you from?

  2. Wuerl the Girl is too busy kicking faithful Priests like Marcel Guarnizo to the curb and genuflecting to the intrinsically disordered homosexual lobby to worry about an apostate like Carol Keehan. Maybe she promised to let him see the pen that Soetoro gave her when he signed the tax legislation known as Soetorocare into law.

  3. Is 'cardinal' Wuerl dimly aware of anything going on in his diocese? Keep him, I don't want him back in Pittsburgh. He allows this?

  4. We are in dark times in the Church. Many souls will be lost and there will someday only be a small remnant.


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