Monday, July 29, 2013

CRS Tries To Wiggle Out Of The Mess That They Made For Themselves

Today the Catholic Relief Services tried to deny its involvement in the distribution of contraceptives and abortifacients in Madagascar.  The Population Research Institute, that investigated and exposed this scandal, links to the CRS denial (written by John Rivera - surprise!) and rebuts it.

PRI rebuts the CRS damage-control attempt by publishing the text of their interview with two CRS staff who are involved in that debacle.  So does that mean that the upper echelons of CRS management are denying what their own employees are saying?  Will those two staffers be tossed under a bus?  Either way, this latest CRS fudge attempt will fall flat on its face before the truth.


  1. Locally, our small group of Catholic bloggers and activists have refused to fund CCHD because of flagrant donations to abortion, contraception, and sterilization providers. This latest scandal by the CRS does not surprise anyone. All contributions to these organizations must stop now. If you are a pastor, refuse to include the envelopes, if you are a Bishop, mandate that the collection be suspended. If you are in the pew and the request is made, prepare a note and include it in the provided envelope stating that this collection is an outrage. Then call your pastor, and write a letter to your bishop. We have done all of these things. Tess208


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