Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Abortuaries In The Dung Heap Of History

LifeNews reports that "pro-abortion stalwarts" complain that as many as 35 abortuaries may be forced to close.  It seems that the little money-grubbers don't want to invest any money to bring their mills up to snuff with other surgical facilities.  So much for "no more back alley abortions".  While they're complaining, we who try to actually help the women along with their children rejoice in this prospect.

One such affected Texas abortuary is the Planned Parenthood in Bryan/College Station.  This is the same one from which hailed Abby Johnson.  She is a former director of that murder hole who is now a pro-life activist.  The 40 Days for Life site reports on this matter.  A prayer presence will still continue there because while surgical abortions there have ceased, the mill will still distribute abortifacient drugs such as RU486.

Closer to home, and just south of the Potomac, new Virginia regulations have instigated the closure of NOVA Women's Health Care of Fairfax.  It was probably the busiest abortuary in the entire state of Virginia.  Again, pro-abortion shills are bemoaning the fact that their mills would have to meet standards applicable to other surgical centers.  Admittedly we can see how this would be a problem for Mi-Yong Kim, an owner of the dump as well as former abortionist, who botched an abortion in 1999, faced multiple disciplinary actions and finally surrendered her license in 2007.

Let us pray that we'll be seeing more and more of this type of news.

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